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    Aminoacylase 1 study of the functional groups of the polyacrylic acid methyl ester immobilized

    L-amino acids are more widely used in food, medicine, industry and agriculture in recent years, constantly rising demand for L-amino acids. At present, the industrial production of L-amino acids by microbial fermentation and chemical synthesis. Chemical synthesis to produce the amino acid is a racemic mixture, the need for optical resolution. Theenzymatic method is the use of the A’s a good way for the preparation of L-amino acids. Aminoacylase 1 enzyme immobilization was first proposed by Tosa, who began to study,and then carried out many studies in this area. Functional genes acrylic acid methyl esteras a carrier of the A’s, to study some properties of the effect of immobilized ACY1 number of factors and immobilized Aminoacylase 1. From the experimental results, whether it
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