NAC through the M sites of the ? subunit ribosomal binding

6 Jul 2012

All the data here show that the NAC through the M sites of the ? subunit ribosomal binding. ?NAC closely integrated ?NAC,, enhanced ?NAC with the ribosome. Error combination of these two subunits together to protect the nascent chain and other factors. Our experiments indicate that the combination of NAC and release cycle, which makes the other cytoplasmic factors can and growth in the peptide binding. Future required research question is the NAC whether interactions with other protein factors. For example, ?NAC contains a domain homologous to the DnaJ. And GST-?NAC with DnaK purification, show that ?NAC In eukaryotic cells, the interaction with Hsp70. Purified recombinant ?NAC, and ?NAC subunits provides a powerful tool to answer these questions.

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